VideoExa.com Of Surfers Travel To Maui For This

At this time of year, thousands of surfers flock to Peahi, Maui in Hawaii in search of the best waves on the planet. While they reach heights of 40 to 50 feet, surfer after surfer attempts the wave. Sure, they get knocked down but they try and try again.

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Marvel At This Epic Ship Construction

Luxury cruise liners like the Scenic Eclipse seem like they must be impossible to build. But it's not impossible. In fact, this time-lapse footage will show you just how a ship of that size is built. To put it simply, you need a ton of people, cranes, and metal.

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Stress At School Brings 12 - Year - Old To Jump

There is a lot of pressure in school to do well and apparently in China, that pressure is so much greater. A 12-year-old girl felt the need to take her own life when she didn't complete her homework during winter break. Seeing as this was the only way out, the girl leaps from a window 15-stories up. Good thing a rescue team was well-prepared with a large air cushion down below. Thankfully, the student only suffered an injury to the ear.

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Man And His Girlfriend Man's Wife

If this video looks like a wife discovering her husband has a mistress and that the three of them are fighting in public, then you're really good at guessing. Soon enough, both women were rightfully slapping the man upside the head since the mistress didn't know until right then that she was a mistress. Ladies, both of you need to drop this loser.

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Who Has Time For Haters ? Not Jason

Jason Izen says he has so much positive energy that he feels he needs to spread his joy all over the city, by twirling in public. He says that if he doesn't go out and twirl to spread his good vibes, he feels bummed out. Some might see him as strange but we see him as somebody who is apparently immune to dizziness.

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Chili Cheese Fries... Matt Stonie Style

After ordering nine large fries from a fast food joint, Matt Stonie heads home to create the largest serving of chili cheese fries we've ever seen. Wondering what the calorie count is? A whopping 10,120 calories. Let's see how fast he can eat this...

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Where The Buffalo Don't Want You To Roam & Two Tigers That Are Too Close

Buffalos don't like bullies and they'll let you know it. Danelia Zyks and her friends in Lawton, Oklahoma watched as a man got way to close to a buffalo, apparently teasing him. The buffalo reacted by charging at the man, forcing the dude to make a quick break for it. Then, tigers are amazing creatures that we like to observe from a very safe distance. Unlike the person who captured this video, who was in spitting distance of two tigers. The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is one of Maharashtra, India's oldest and largest, and it promises real up close encounters.

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Posting Pictures Directly To Your Face

Posting vacation pictures online is so last year! Mimi Choi has moved onto posting her selfies right on her face. She's known online for her amazing makeup illusions, with each one being more impressive than the one before.

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With One Touch , Magic Of Rahat Can Read Her Mind

Out of all the superpowers, mind reading is a superpower some of us would choose to have. Magic of Rahat has gotten in touch with this power in some mysterious way... How on earth does he know her life story?

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Teacher Gets An 'F' For Fire !

A teacher from Loyola College demonstrated how not to perform an experiment with fire. A table caught fire, prompting many students to run away and one to get the fire extinguisher. Nobody was harmed and the school had no comment, but we're surprised students didn't use this opportunity to burn their homework while the teacher wasn't looking.

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Babies Gonna Baby

Sometimes having a baby is the greatest joy in your life. Sometimes it's still that, but it can also be a little embarrassing at the same time. Just ask Daquan. Then, it's Caroline's first birthday! Yay! And she gets her very own cupcake! Yay! However, being one means she still hasn't learned about fire safety yet. Finally, it's never too early to start unintentionally scaring your children. Merritt just wanted the donuts, not the scary candles!

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Policewoman Poses As Model To Save Lion Cub

Advertisements offering photo sessions with a lion cub caught the attention of police in Moscow, Russia. It was clear the man did not have any necessary documents to prove ownership, therefore he was using this animal for money illegally. At this point, the police needed to intervene so they sent an undercover cop to pose as a model. Wearing a pink dress and convincingly interested in a photo session with the cub, this policewoman took him by surprise when she pulled out her badge.

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Musicians Are 'Goin' To Wakanda' In 'Black Panther' Tribute

If you haven't seen "Black Panther" or brushed up on the history of the movie, then let us tell you Wakanda is their kingdom. So, in a rendition of Walter Hawkins and The Love Center Choir's "Goin' Up Yonder," these artists have got a little jingle to tribute the film.

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Fly Straight Into An Engagement

Cody took his girlfriend Brille up in a DiamondStar DA-40 airplane. She was nervous at first but she trusted her man to fly safely. This was the first time Brille has ever been flying with him but it became memorable for another reason. No, they didn't see a UFO, Cody proposed.

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Suspicious Criminal Activity Caught On Video

There's no telling when drama might strike when it comes to criminal activity and these two videos are a testament. From unexpected gunfire in a busy intersection in Brazil to a brave shopkeeper defending her own, this is the kind of thing we never hope to encounter. Via ViralHog

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Happy Birthday Gage , You're NOW Adopted !

For Gage's sixth birthday all he wished for was an official adoption and his foster mama Jill has something special to say. After caring for this little boy under her roof for some 1,700 days, Jill was hoping to bring him some comfort and permanency. The last six years haven't been the easiest for Gage however, we have a feeling that's about to change.

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Snag Proof Tights Developed With Bulletproof Fibers

Ladies, how many pairs of tights have you owned in your lifetime? At this point, it's probably impossible to count, right? Katherine Homuth, founder and CEO of Sheerly Genius has developed indestructible sheer tights perfect for the working woman. Using bulletproof fibers and a complex system of knitting techniques, Sheerly Genius claims to be 10 times stronger than steel. Forget those snags and runs, these tights have been worn and tested to last at least 50 wears. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to their Kickstarter and back their campaign today!

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Slang As Explained By Jennifer Lawrence And Joel Edgerton

Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton aren't just the stars of the new movie "Red Sparrow," they are also perfect people to explain the meaning behind slang from Kentucky and Australia respectively. Some of these are obvious while many are ridiculous, but we'll be saying all of these very soon. via VanityFair

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Kika's Haunting Her Own Studio

Oh no! Mirjana Kika Milosevic is gone! All that's left of her is a spooky ghost that haunts what was once her happy makeup studio. Poor Kika, cursed to forever roam this world as a specter. Oh wait, this is actually just one of her amazing makeup illusions. We weren't fooled, no way! You were fooled.

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360° Video From Self - Driving Waymo Car's POV

If you've never been a passenger inside of a self-driving car, let Waymo invite you to experience their 360-degree video. Since 2009, Waymo has been developing their self-driving technology in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Understanding the brains behind these vehicles hasn't always been easy but with the help of 360-degree video, Waymo demonstrates how it works. So, hop in and take a virtual tour of their clever cars!

Sat, 03 Mar 18 01:24:06 +0000° Video From Self - Driving Waymo Car's POVnonadultfalse